Kurdish Derguez with Break

An enigmatic long rug from the northeastern Darreh Gaz area of Iran. It is quite likely that this rug was woven during the migrating season as evidenced by the stark change in its colour palette… eighteen of the twenty four panels are in a brighter set of dyes, while the remaining six have used a somewhat muted set of colours - possibly due to different dye lots created in the two stages of the nomadic journey. The medallions in each panel are characteristic of Quchan weavers. Three narrow reciprocal mountain peak borders frame the rug, with supplementary outer borders at the top and bottom ends. Surprisingly supple and floppy handle for a long, heavy rug. Glossy wool.

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Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 4'3" x 9'3"

Age: circa 1950

Material: wool

Product Code: A49-023

Price: Rs43,000

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