Lantern-Shaped Moroccan Bronze Table Lamp

Disguised as a traditional lantern, this bronze table lamp from Fes in Morocco has a deceptively simple design. Closer inspection reveals rosettes cut with intricate geometric patterns in the pyramidal roof, matched, in each of the window panels, by an identical rosette amid a field of arabesques. The main chamber of the lamp is panelled with translucent glass, so that light emanating from within illuminates the surroundings evenly, while bringing the elaborate decorative patterns into sharp relief.

Moroccan table lamps, which can be made of brass, bronze or copper, are known for their graceful lines and lavish metalwork decoration, and for casting characteristic patterns of light and shadow. When illuminated at night, they bestow on the surrounding interior space an exotic and alluring atmosphere, and invariably set the mood for the social events unfolding around them.

Though ideally suited for a table top, this light fixture may also be positioned on the floor, or hung from a hook. Electrical fittings are included. Bulbs are not included.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 54cm x 19.5cm

Weight: 2.386kg

Product Code: A48-011

Price: Rs14,500

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