Large Rajasthani Dohar Floor Cushion

This handsome large floor cushion is made out of a dohar from Rajasthan. The body of the cushion is in muted purple with stylised motifs. These are continued in the double borders on two sides of the cushion in soft orange with touches of yellow. A thin braid, taken from a Moroccan djellaba robe, runs across the edge of the cushion.

Layers of old saris stitched together, using the kantha stitch, go into the making of a dohar, or A/C blanket as it is colloquially known. A dohar is used in summer, generally in northern and eastern parts of India, as it is neither very hot nor very cold, and is light weight, soft and durable. The kantha, or running stitch, is the simplest stitch in embroidery. This stitch is used to form different patterns to add to the visual attractiveness of the dohar.

This unique cushion is ideal for lounging. The back is from the same dohar, and the filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 24in x 24in

Product Code: A01-022c

Price: Rs3,500

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