Lazy Lamps Gabbeh

A very unusual gabbeh, quite likely woven by a novice or child weaver from the Luri tribe. The field is composed in a light salmon brown background. The main elements appear to be hanging oil lamps, or possibly elongated vases containing stylised flower arrangements. The outer and inner minor borders are filled with stringed diamond shapes and the wider main border is drawn on a purple blue background filled with stylised crosses, flowers and nine-set geometric icons. Sturdy weaving in beautiful wool.

The term "gabbeh" is a Farsi word, literally translating to "unclipped". Gabbehs are woven by nomadic tribes from the Zagros mountain chain of southwestern Persia. The high altitude sheep from these areas yield rich quality wool with a strong lanolin content, which is what gives these rugs the shine and gloss seen in top quality gabbehs. The iconography of these rugs is simple, naive, and surprisingly "modern". Gabbehs are woven by a number of tribes in this region, the most prolific of which are the Qashqai, followed in smaller numbers by the Luri and Bakhtiari groups.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 3'9" x 6'2"

Age: circa 1970

Material: wool

Product Code: A49-019

Price: Rs60,000

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