Milas Carpet

Woven in the South Aegean region in Turkey, the origins of some motifs go back to Ottoman times. Milas is also an important tobacco growing centre of the Aegean region and the tobacco leaf is used as a natural dye for dark yellow and light brown. This glorious carpet has a series of thick and thin borders that surround the central field containing five stylised diamonds. Like most Anatolian carpets, this too is replete with symbolism and talismanic motifs. A goose foot inside a circle is thought to bring good luck. The arrow means the weaver's man is heroic, strong, and courageous. The star motifs are protection against the evil eye. The neutral earth tones of this carpet will fit the décor of any home, perhaps bringing with it, good fortune too.

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Country of Origin: Turkey


Age: 50 years

Material: wool

Product Code: AR0315

Price: Rs60,000

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