Orange Diamond Medallion Kazak Kilim

Brilliant long Kazak kilim with large conjoined orange diamond medallions contrasting sharply in colour with the dark brown central field. Three borders surround these, each with different geometric running designs. This old kilim is a statement piece, showing authentic abrash in the centre and the middle border.

Originally settled by Kazakhs from western Siberia, Kazak rugs are typically from the southwest of the Caucasus in predominantly Armenian settled areas today. As befitting their geographical position between Turkey to the west, and Iran to the south and east, Kazak kilims show characteristics of both Anatolian and Persian designs. The large medallions and bright contrasting colours as in this piece are typical of Kazak weavings.

Country of Origin: Armenia

Size: 9'4'' x 4'4''

Age: circa 1930

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-136

Price: Rs110,000

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