Pakistani Mirror-work Zari Tribal Cushion

A rainbow of vivid colours, intricate zari embroidery and the glitter of flashing mirrors bring this cushion alive. The unusual combination of a richly embroidered piece of tribal kurta from the interiors of Pakistan, offset by a panel of glowing pink Moroccan Sabra silk in front, gives it a very pleasing look.

Clothes worn by women from the frontier tribes of Pakistan tend to be vibrant, with lots of sparkle and glitter. They are adorned with twinkling sequins, silver zari work and small, shining mirrors. This glitzy and stylish cushion combines this tribal finery with a backing of Sabra or cactus silk – a luxurious fabric made from fibres of the Aloe vera cactus grown throughout much of Morocco. The cushion filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 14'' x 14''

Product Code: A01-182

Price: Rs2,000

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