Parsi Gara Embroidered Ottoman

Set against a softly shimmering, pale green polka dotted upholstery fabric, the Parsi Gara embroidered border really sets this ottoman apart. Encircling the ottoman, this border is truly representative of the realistically pictorial, aesthetically colourful and delicately embellished Parsi Gara embroidery.

Gara (meaning sari to Parsis) embroidery, originally considered a Parsi family’s heirloom, has become rare, collector’s items. The motifs are drawn from the rich repertoire of traditional Chinese textile motifs - bamboos, birds, butterflies and blossoms are embroidered in luxuriant profusion. Gara motifs were generally embroidered in satin stitch, long and short stitch, and the tiny kha-kha or seed-pearl stitch akin to a minute French knot. The kha-kha stitch forms a delicate textured area - as if the cloth is covered with beads.

The narrow piping is made from a handwoven Uzbek suzani - an embroidered dowry textile, of unusual beauty.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 51cm diameter, 36.5cm height

Weight: 6.7kg

Product Code: A01-171

Price: Rs12,000

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