Perda Gul Khiva Cushion

This intricately embroidered cushion from Khiva Silk Workshops uses a design known as the Perda Gul or Lattice Flower. This design comes from the lattice design found in a door leading to the Khan's harem in the Stone Palace. If you look carefully, you’ll find a solitary pomegranate hidden amongst the other floral icons. This is the signature of where this piece was made as well as a sign of imperfection because, according to the craftsmen of Khiva, no human hand can produce anything that is perfect. Khiva is famous for the stunning beauty of its carpets and kilims – and today the Khiva Silk Workshops are earning a well deserved reputation for creating beautiful silk carpets and suzanis using natural dyes and reviving traditional designs.

For hundreds of years, Khiva stood for camel caravans laden with exotic silks and spices, bustling bazaars, glittering mosques and minarets and intrepid explorers of the nineteenth century. Today, Khiva's Old City is the most homogeneous example of Islamic architecture in the world and has been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO.

The backing of this cushion is of white cotton, and the filler is included.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 16'' x 16''

Product Code: A50-006

Price: Rs4,000

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