Pink Anatolian Kilim Floor Cushion

The fabric used to stitch this cushion comes from a kilim about 55-60 years old, woven near Kars, in eastern Turkey. Amid its soft pink and rust hues we can identify several traditional motifs typical of Anatolian kilims, including the burdock burr, a protective symbol that also suggests abundance; and two su yolu (running water) border patterns, which represent life itself.

The kilim is a woolen flatweave common throughout Anatolia, as well as Central Asia and North Africa. Originally, kilims were purely functional textiles, used as insulation on the walls of the home, as covers on beds and tables, and as saddlebags or grain sacks. The weavers of the Kars border region produced many handsome kilims using the simple slitweave technique and geometric diamond designs influenced by weaving from the nearby Caucasus. Since the middle of the 20th century, Kars kilims were woven predominantly in brown, orange and pink colours, and using distinctive natural brown wool warps. Often they were long and narrow, making them impractical to use as rugs, but ideal to convert into modern accessories or upholstery.

The cushion is large (24" x 24") and intended for lounging on the floor or on a low divan. However, it may also be used to enliven a large sofa or a king-size bed. The cushion is provided without filler.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 24'' x 24''

Product Code: AR0357j

Price: Rs5,500

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