Pink Handwoven Ikat Djellaba Braid Cushion

This lovely cushion, inspired by nature’s cotton plants, is made from pink hand woven Uzbek ikat embellished with strips of handmade Moroccan djellaba braid. The subtle shade of light pink ikat (50% cotton and 50% silk) provides a wonderful backdrop for the djellaba braid.

Djellabas are full-length, long-sleeved hooded robes made from handspun and woven natural brown wool, harvested from sheep that graze the surrounding mountains. They are often ornamented with elaborately woven and knitted braids, bands, twisted cords and distinctive buttons - and Moroccans are very particular about colour combinations.

Natural dyes have been used for the ikat, the backing is 100% Indian raw silk and the filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 14" x 14"

Product Code: A01-038

Price: Rs2,800

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