Purple Handwoven Ikat Cushion

This cushion made from handwoven ikat from Uzbekistan stands out in glorious splendour. Creamy white intersects with midnight blue in a central panel of ikat, set off by the purple raw silk surround.

Ikat effect is achieved by applying bindings, that are resistant to dye penetration, to the threads in the desired patterns and then dyeing the threads. Alterations to the bindings and the dyeing of more than one colour produces elaborate, multicoloured patterns. When the dyeing is completed, the bindings are removed and the threads are then woven into cloth.

The ikat is 50% silk 50% cotton, and the backing is raw silk. This cushion, with filler included, happily complements its larger cousin (A01-054).

Country of Origin: India

Size: 12'' x 10''

Product Code: A01-056

Price: Rs1,500

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