Purple Ikat and Suzani Cushion

The combination of colours in this cushion are an unusual blend of subtle purple, deep red and off-white. The two green floral motifs stand out as a result. Both the front and back are of handwoven Uzbek ikat, whilst in the centre is an old embroidered Uzbek suzani piece – so old, it’s showing some wear and tear.

Also known as "abr", the Persian word for "cloud-like", ikat fabrics have an amazing variety and expressiveness of patterns and designs. The effects of abr dyeing is often that a design looks out of focus – a chance combination of spots, iridescent haloes and dark vibrating contours of a design creates a delightful illusion of the play of colours. Many of the best examples of Uzbek embroidery are in the form of internal wall hangings, bedspreads and covers. The design work is often bold both in decoration and colour choice. The origin of the various pattern designs has much to do with the geographical location of not only Uzbekistan, but of Central Asia as a whole.

In this cushion the narrow strip or patti is from handmade Uzbek tape. The backing is purple Uzbek ikat; cushion filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 12'' x 12''

Product Code: A01-178

Price: Rs1,350

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