Raku Tulip Kaftan

An enduring outcome of artistic connections along the silk roads, Raku Ceramic is a Japanese technique used since the 16th century. Aptly, this handmade, free style (hence, one-of-a-kind) piece, created and signed by a renowned Turkish raku ceramist, beautifully combines the tradition and symbol of two fascinating cultures - Japanese raku and the Ottoman kaftan.

The tulip is also a yield of the silk roads. Brought to the Ottoman Empire by nomadic tribes from Central Asia, it became a symbol of beauty, perfection and, eventually, God - especially since the Turkish word for tulip, lale, and Allah, are composed of several of the same letters.

Raku is distinguished by a wonderfully rich glaze that gets its metallic and crackled effect from the thermal shock each piece is subjected to when removed from the kiln, while still glowing with intense heat, and immersed into a jar of ignited sawdust. Raku is unpredictable and its colours are almost always intense. How lovely that the word Raku should mean 'happiness by chance'.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Size: 17cm x 14cm

Product Code: AR0284

Price: Rs6,250

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