Red Embroidered Naga Table Runner

This red and white table runner is an original and unusual hand woven Naga tribal textile from the remote corners of Myanmar (Burma).

The Naga’s rich tradition of textile weaving incorporates a variety of patterns and motifs that show social status, tribal belonging and wealth. Men and women wear clothes rich in colour and design, each tribe having its own particular motif. These have specific and powerful symbolic meaning for the Naga and the right to wear them is strictly governed. Each tribe expresses its unique identity in many ways. Motifs, designs, costume formats, and minor colours vary significantly. But in spite of all the differences, the striking commonality across the tribes is the dominant use of red, white and black.

Country of Origin: Myanmar/Burma

Size: 182cm x 33cm

Material: Cotton

Product Code: A46-153

Price: Rs3,500

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