Red Grandchild Fluffy Qashqai Luri

An abstract version of the classic three medallion south Persian tribal rugs generally woven by the Qashqai tribe. This example also shows the potential influence of Luri weaving as suggested by its relatively unstructured and random drawing. A large, almost hexagonal shape separates the main field section from four spandrels skilfully created by the negative space. The middle section includes a diamond central medallion with two conjoined floral medallions at its top and bottom ends. Each of the four corners contains a blooming flower and numerous filler elements cover most of the empty space in the field. Scrolling flower vine border surrounded by two narrow barber poles. Heavy construction with lovely long staple glossy wool.

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Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 3'1" x 5'11"

Age: circa 1960

Material: wool

Product Code: A49-025

Price: Rs58,000

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