Red Nepalese Rari Rug

This beautiful red rari with typical Tibetan motifs is an outstanding example of rug weaving from Nepal. The body of the rug is made of yak wool and has beautifully hand-embroidered stylised eternal knots in beige, green and orange wool covering the central field. The rug is finished with a hand-woven natural linen border.

An essential part of every Nepalese home, the rari is an important part of the dowry and is put to many uses (most often used interchangeably as a rug and blanket), though its specific, ritually prescribed use was more limited. Traditionally, natural undyed wool in white, beige, brown and black were used in the body and patterning. Today’s artisans embroider tapestry-like colourful rugs with wool or cotton threads, transforming the rari into a special piece worthy of beautifying any 21st century living space.

Country of Origin: Nepal

Size: 3'3'' x 6'0''

Age: New

Material: Wool (yak's wool)

Product Code: A66-013

Price: Rs40,000

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