Red Tree Luri Shekarlu

A very rare rug woven by the Shekarlu tribe from southwest Persia. Think of a dream icon from a tribal rug and it is likely to have found a place on this dramatic tribal weaving – the deep indigo field is filled with animals, flowers, birds and other zoomorphic and floral depictions from the weaver’s nomadic life.

The wide white ground border is a classic Shekarlu signature, containing bold latch hooks or diamonds, interconnected with a straight geometric linkage and spaced with horizontally laid reciprocal bird head icons. The most unusual feature – never seen before – is a large red blob like shape, most likely representing a tree in full bloom, interspersed with floral and bird elements.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 5'3'' x 7'6''

Age: Late 19th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-064

Price: Rs350,000

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