Rishtan Floral Panel

This 35-tile ceramic panel is an exquisite example of Rishtan earthenware, hand worked at the studio of master ceramist, Rustam Usmanov. Displaying an unparalleled mastery over material, technique, colour and brush, each tile is a celebration of generational craftsmanship, inspired by azure hues of the sky.

Rishtan is a small village located on the ancient silk route that passed through the Fergana valley of Uzbekistan. It is the oldest centre of ceramic art in Central Asia. This is where the 'blue legend', Rishtan ceramics is made. Unmistakable in colour and craft, this unique hand painted, glazed ceramic is entirely made from local raw materials. Its most characteristic colouring is a turquoise, dark blue and brown scheme on a milky-white background. Ishkor glaze, made from ashes, gives Rishtan earthenware its beautiful, soft shine.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 1.5in square tiles; overall 7.5in x 10.5in

Product Code: AR0167

Price: Rs8,000

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