Rishtan Mihrab Panel

A stunning example of Central Asian ceramic tilework believed to have been inspired by the white, deep blue and turquoise tiles of Andalusia and the pottery traditions of China. Commonly known as majolica tiles, it is assumed to have got its name from the Island of Majorca, a 14th century transshipment port for 'ceramic caravans' traveling from east to west. Across Central Asia, the walls of aywans (private outdoor spaces), madrassahs and palaces showcase the timeless beauty of glazed, intricate tile panels. Unlike mosaic, majolica tiles are nailed and placed together to resemble a hanging carpet.

This exquisite composite tile panel is entirely hand crafted in Rishtan, from the studio of usta (master craftsman) Rustam Usmanov, and is accompanied by a signed card. Made in the age-old way, using tools and techniques handed down over generations, no two panels are alike. The perfect accent for a feature wall (indoor or outdoor), possibly embedded into a piece of furniture, or simply framed as wall art. The tiles come to you unassembled, allowing for creative ways to put them together.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

50 piece tile set

Size: 7.25in x 14.75in

Product Code: A47-001

Price: Rs13,000

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