Rishtan Rosette-on-Checkerboard Tile Panel

In this mesmerising 50-tile ceramic panel, three elaborate floral rosettes hover above a simple checkerboard background so as to give an impression of depth in the primary field. While the central rosette may recall stained-glass windows in a medieval facade, the floral geometry of the border reinforces the Islamic inspiration of the composition.

The work of master ceramist Rustam Usmanov, one of the most celebrated contemporary innovators of Rishtan ceramics, this tile assembly is an exceptional example of a long-established Central Asian tradition of handmade earthenware. Rishtan is a village on the branch of the Silk Route that passed through Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley. The ceramic arts were first practised in Rishtan-the oldest centre of such art in Central Asia-in the 14th century, borrowing inspiration and know-how from both the blue-and-white cobalt porcelain of China and the deep blue and turquoise tiles of Andalusia.

The tiles are delivered unassembled, allowing for multiple creative ways to install them-as an eye-catching accent for a wall or a floor, embedded in a piece of furniture, or simply framed as wall art.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

50 piece tile set

Size: 1.5in square tiles; overall 7.5in x 15in

Product Code: A77-003

Price: Rs13,000

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