Round Turkmen Embroidered Velvet Cushion

This highly unusual round cushion of soft black velvet uses striking and colourful intricate embroidery from Turkmenistan.

The tradition of such intricate Turkmen embroidery is rooted in the belief that it provides a magical protection through different stages of life. Here the trim includes part of a neckpiece from a garment such as a chypry, as well as some circular motifs. Different stitches – such as akgaima, kojime and ilme (or chain stitching) – are used, some being specific to the various peoples of Turkmenistan.

Part of our collection of Turkmen-embroidered large cushions, each piece is a one-off and a great way to enhance your home décor with an authentic ethnic talking-point! This cushion comes complete with the filler.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 27'' diameter

Product Code: A20-083

Price: Rs3,000

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