Samarkand Orange Triple Medallion Carpet

This handsome rug was most likely woven in one of the oasis towns of East Turkestan (Khotan, Kashgar, or Yarkand), now in the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, China. Carpets from East Turkestan were invariably traded via the Uzbek city of Samarkand, hence their misleading name. Wool-on-cotton rugs from this remote desert region are often characterised by a blend of Persian and Chinese motifs, a testament to this crossroads of civilizations.

This rug features a triple-medallion design that, with many variations, is common in carpet designs from East Turkestan and Tibet, set against a rich red-orange background. Here, however, the main field is further enlivened by two vertical rows of smaller medallions alternating with black tree-of-life motifs.

Country of Origin: China

Size: 4'6 x 7'7''

Age: circa 1920

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-121

Price: Rs90,500

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