Sapta Matrika Rajasthani Pendant

A group of seven Hindu goddesses are always depicted together and hence they are called Sapta Matrikas. They are described as assisting the great Shakta Devi (goddess) in her fight with demons. You will note that the last figure on the right has a different costume being the guardian and the eighth figure.

The amulet pendant is circular shaped with a silver border and a floral unit added to cover the joint. 'Pathri' (as they are commonly known) pendants were originally made by the villagers of Rajasthan for their own use. They were worn by men and women and children in memory of their forefathers and as a protection against the evil forces. The villagers now sell these vintage pendants to buy new ones for themselves.

This pendant is provided with a complimentary suede thread.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 4.2cm diameter

Weight: 17.12g

Age: minimum 40 years old


Product Code: A57-033

Price: Rs2,500

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