Seven Borders Suzani Soumak Kilim

This fine kilim from Iran is called a "soumak kilim" because it is woven using two methods: weft wrapping (soumak) and simple flatweave. But it is also labelled a "suzani kilim" because its detailed patterns recall the traditional embroidered dowry textiles of Central Asia.

The main field is quite simple, featuring a strange, red, X-shaped motif with protruding green foliage in the centre of a cream-coloured space. For the most part, however, the kilim is characterised by the preponderance of borders in its overall design. In most rugs and kilims, the border plays a secondary role and merely frames the main field. Here, the composition includes no less than seven borders containing various motifs, mostly geometric. The dominant middle border features a simplified pattern derived from the common Herati "turtle and vine scroll" shape.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 4'2'' x 3'11''

Age: circa 2000

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-125

Price: Rs31,000

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