Seven Pools Two Hundred Birds Khamseh Carpet

An all-natural, incredibly attractive “bird” rug from southwest Persia, most likely woven by the Khamseh tribe as a special order or bespoke commission. The large format probably represents a village weaving that was specially commissioned for a tribal chief or “Khan”. Three prominent poles are drawn in a vertical orientation, containing a total of seven pools that are representative of the central water pools found in old traditional Persian dwellings. Over two hundred birds – possibly chickens – are scattered across the rug in various positions, beautifully interspersed with various other floral and zoomorphic icons used as fillers on every conceivable empty space on the field.

A wide range of dyes have been used, including rare light indigo, yellow, green, and a multitude of other vivid colours, most of them with the spontaneous “abrash” indicating that the dyes were lovingly handmade in small custom lots. A triple set of elegant narrow borders frames the perimeter of the rug, supplemented by additional checkerboard borders at both the top and bottom ends. Possibly this rug was woven by a single weaver and took six to seven years to complete – no part of the surface has been left empty. Some minimal repairs can be seen.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 6'5'' x 9'6''

Age: Late 19th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-041

Price: Rs990,000

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