Shirvan White Field Long Rug

A Shirvan long rug from the east Caucasus, woven on a highly desirable undyed off-white wool field. The main iconography seems to represent stylised flowers, generally found in rugs from Dagestan, laid out across the entire visible surface, with light hearted filler elements interspersed to add charm and spontaneity to the overall composition. Crabs fill the major border, surrounded by the classic Shirvan or Kuba alternating flower motif minors, along with a few, quite charming figures. Natural organic colours have been used – except for the red perhaps.

Early Caucasian carpets are typically long and relatively slim with narrow borders. They feature symmetrically knotted wool pile on un-dyed warps, and their wool wefts are almost always dyed red. These carpets once bore the trade name Quba carpets after the town in eastern Dagestan, but they were probably not manufactured there, as the town only developed late in the 18th century. It is more likely that they were manufactured to the south and west in the urban centres of Shusha in Karabagh province and Shemakha in Shirvan, since 19th-century carpets produced in Karabagh have the same heavy coarse texture and bold motifs.

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Size: 4'0'' x 9'3''

Age: Late 19th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-034

Price: Rs275,000

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