Shiva Amulet Rajasthani Pendant

Amulet vintage pendant from the region of Shekhawat in Rajasthan is die stamped to give it its marvellous appearance. The subject of the amulet is Bheru or Bhairava a form of Shiva in his fearful aspect. The deity is widely worshipped by Bhil tribes, one of the largest tribal communities in India. The amulet pendant is in the shape of a leaf of the sacred fig tree (Peepal) with a silver border.

'Pathri' (as they are commonly known) pendants were originally made by the villagers of Rajasthan for their own use. They were worn by men and women and children in memory of their forefathers and as a protection against the evil forces. The villagers now sell these vintage pendants to buy new ones for themselves.

This pendant is provided with a thin silver chain.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 2.3cm x 2cm

Weight: 0.97g

Age: minimum 40 years old

Material: 70-80% silver, mixed with copper or zinc

Product Code: A57-022

Price: Rs750

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