Sivas Yastik Cushion

The fabric used in this cushion is from Sivas in Turkey, and the design shows the influence of the two main ethnic groups (Turks and Kurds) in that part of the country. As is typical of many Sivas carpets, this is in striking shades of beige, orange and black. Undulating leaf shapes run along the outer border, the whole enclosing three large diamond medallions featuring geometric shapes and floral motifs set within.

The word "Yastik" is Turkish for cushion cover or pillow, meant for using on divans. Many Turkish interiors are furnished with divans which are padded with cushions for sitting on and leaning against. Yastiks seem to generally fall into two broad design groups: patterns that feature medallions and those that seem to draw on textile patterns. The beautifully matched rust backing is made from quality upholstery fabric. Filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 36" x 20"

Product Code: A01-188

Price: Rs14,000

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