Small Coloured Squares White Gabbeh

The true highlight of this rug is the magnificent undyed white wool field – incredibly oily and shiny – and sheared leaving a very deep cushiony pile, almost an inch thick. The truly minimal composition includes a simple set of three small colourful squares, framed by an elegant single border containing more coloured squares arranged at random around the perimeter.

The term “gabbeh” is a Farsi word, literally translating to “unclipped”. These rugs are woven by nomadic tribes from the Zagros Mountains area of southwestern Persia. The high altitude sheep from this region yield a rich quality of wool with a strong lanolin content, which is what gives these rugs the shine and gloss that is apparent in high quality gabbehs. The iconography is simple, naïve, and surprisingly “modern”.

Country of Origin: Iran

Size: 3'5'' x 5'9''

Age: Late 20th century

Material: Wool

Product Code: A49-040

Price: Rs65,000

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