Small Print Village Pillow Cushion

A lovely vintage pillow cushion made with cheent fabric and gudri work. The central portion of the piece has a small yellow floral and paisley print that is complimented with lovely black thread work. Bands of black and yellow edged with white zig-zag tape and a shell bead border complete the piece.

Cheent is a cotton fabric used in villages in India and Pakistan, best known for their use in the colourful lehengas (long skirts) worn by women in rural Rajasthan. Cheent came to be known as ‘chintz’ in the West and was a rage in 18th century France and England.

Gudri-work is a simple way of quilting multiple layers of fabric with running stitch. This technique is widely used as a way to convert old saris into something functional, typically quilted covering.

This charming cushion is sold with the filler and can be used on a divan, on a sofa or pretty much anywhere! Handmade eccentricities and some wear with age should be expected.

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Size: 83m x 43cm

Material: Cotton

Age: Old

Product Code: A85-018

Price: Rs3,800

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