Studded Shield Moroccan Bronze Sconce

This bronze sconce from Fes in Morocco resembles a studded ceremonial shield, placed around the light source almost as if to protect it. Its metal arabesque surface design is spread across three bands. When the sconce is illuminated at night, the middle band fades into darkness, while the upper and lower bands light up the lacy metal decoration. Both ends of the sconce are open, thus providing adequate lighting.

The term “sconce” is derived from the Old French esconce, a word used to denote a lantern, or sometimes a hidden or protected space. A sconce is a decorative bracket to affix a candlestick or light fixture to a wall. It often directs light upwards, thus endowing the room or hallway it adorns with muted and comfortable lighting. Ornate sconces also double as décor items, adding character and function to both interior and exterior spaces. Moroccan sconces come in a variety of shapes and designs, and are known to conjure a dreamy vibe by casting complex shadow patterns. We have two of this particular sconce available – one (pictured) is fitted with parchment and throws a calming, soft light whilst the other is left open to produce a more dramatic light and shadow effect. If you have a particular preference please let us know when you place your order.

The sconce can be mounted on either an interior wall or a covered exterior wall. Bulb and electrical fittings are not included.

Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 30cm x 27cm x 11cm

Weight: 956g

Product Code: A48-007

Price: Rs13,500

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