Tashkent Chilli Miniature Painting

This fabulous freehand piece shows a red and a green chilli overlain with magnificent golden detailing. The delicate and intricate floral and vine motifs draw on the Persian miniature tradition.

Created by an Uzbek master who uses established tools and techniques but constantly experiments with design and form, each piece is a one of kind with no replicas. The piece is painted using tempera paints on silk paper and comes simply framed in walnut wood with a small hole that allows for hanging on a hook. It has been personally autographed by the master miniaturist and can be complemented with the other Tashkent Chilli Miniatures.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 12.5cm x 10 cm

Material: tempera paints, walnut wood frame

Product Code: A54-004

Price: Rs3,500

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