Tekke Turkmen Cape

This beautiful chyrpy (a mantle or cape worn by women from the Tekke Turkmen tribe of southern Turkmenistan), is lavishly covered with brilliant embroidery – mostly red and maroon with touches of mustard and cream on a black silk background. The bottom is finished with handmade silk tape and long tassels.

Chyrpys are ceremonial garments meant to be worn on special occasions and this vintage piece shows the intricacy with which these pieces were embroidered. Dating from the mid 20th century, it is a collectible piece in exceptionally good condition.

The chyrpy is associated primarily with the powerful Tekke Turkmen tribe, who had a particularly turbulent history. Read more about the Turkmen people and their weaving, embroidery and jewellery traditions.

Country of Origin: Turkmenistan

Size: 2'0'' width x 3'6'' length (excluding tassles)

Material: Silk

Product Code: A10-038

Price: Rs32,000

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