Tibetan Carpet Deer Hunter Cave Painting Design

This new carpet, handmade in Sikkim using traditional Tibetan skills and knotting techniques, features an unusual design inspired by primitive cave paintings. Set against a vivid red background, the scene shows a group of hunters cornering wild deer with bows and arrows. The white pixelation on the edges of the scene suggests the worn and uneven surface of a cave wall.

The rock art tradition of Upper Tibet, where nearly one hundred sites have been discovered, chronicles at least 3000 years of pre-history. Centered in the northern and western regions of Tibet, this artistic expression offers a valuable window into the nature of early, pre-Buddhist civilization in Tibet. By far the most common subjects in Upper Tibet rock art are animal compositions, including wild yak, antelope and deer, often chased by hunters shown typically with bows and arrows, but sometimes also with pikes and swords.

Quirky, colourful, and stylish, this rug is ideally suited to add a splash of colour in a contemporary interior design space.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 4'0'' x 6'0''

Age: New

Material: Wool

Product Code: A66-011

Price: Rs69,000

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