Tibetan Dragon Carpet

This charming, almost rustic Tibetan rug depicts a scene very dear to both Chinese and Tibetan iconography--two dragons playing with a flaming pearl. Its meaning and origin are somewhat mysterious. In some interpretations, the dragons are fighting over the jewel, thus creating thunder and rain. In others, the pearl represents wisdom and truth, and the dragons' pursuit mirrors our own aspirations to these qualities. The glowing pearl may also be the moon, a symbol of renewal. Compositionally, the image, with one light dragon and one dark, playfully circling around the flaming orb, recalls the yin-yang or taijitu symbol, a ubiquitous reminder of the complementary forces in all parts of life.

As in other Asian cultures, in Tibet the dragon or druk is a benign icon, a source of power and creativity, and a harbinger of good fortune. Thus it is one of the most frequently used symbols in Tibetan arts and crafts, and appears in many guises and designs in Tibetan rugs. Dragons possess the attributes of several other creatures, such as the head of a camel, a neck like a snake, and the talons of an eagle. Their noisy flight sounds like thunder, and their abode in the sky is suggested here by the cloud-like shapes that form the border of the carpet.

Country of Origin: Tibet

Size: 2'8'' x 4'9''

Age: circa 1930

Material: Wool

Product Code: A10-115

Price: Rs49,500

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