Tibetan Tiger Pelt Carpet

This is a modern rendition of a typically Tibetan design, in which the tiger appears as a flayed pelt lying on a brown floor.

In Tibet tiger skins, acting as protector spirits, were traditionally used as meditation mats or hung on temple doors as a warning to demons or to exorcise evil spirits. These skins were prized and cared for. Due to excessive hunting, tiger populations in the Himalaya dwindled by the beginning of the 20th century, so Tibetans began to weave tiger rugs instead, displacing past hunting practices.

Tiger rugs retained the specialty status of real tiger pelts, and were often intended for monasteries and the nobility. They were rare and not well known to western collectors until the late 1970s, but have since risen considerably in the estimation of international connoisseurs.

This rug was woven in Sikkim using Tibetan knotting technique and wool.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 4'0'' x 6'0''

Age: New

Material: Wool

Product Code: A66-010

Price: Rs75,000

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