Tilya Cross and Necklace

A hand-crafted silver cross belonging to the Tilya tribe, of the Tuareg Berber community. Beaded in a traditional way with black onyx and silver faceted beads.

The Tuareg silver cross, mostly worn by men, and handed down from father to son, is a distinctive piece of Berber jewellery. There are 21 designs that are associated with oases and villages of the Air and Azawagh regions or with Tuareg tribal groups of northern Niger. The term 'cross' is European and has no equivalent in Tamasheck, the language of the Tuaregs. The markings and geometrical design of Tuareg crosses and Tuareg jewellery, in general, translates into protective symbolism. "God is the centre of the universe; we are one with God" and "no matter where you go God and I shall always be with you and protect you".

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Country of Origin: Morocco

Size: 7.4cm x 4.2cm

Weight: 12.5g

Product Code: AR0117

Price: Rs1,800

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