Traditional Silver and Gold Tibetan Gau Necklace

This meticulously handcrafted three-dimensional pendant has fine filigree work and exquisite detailing. The pendant has natural red corals and turquoises embedded. The intricate filigree work on the pendant has been painted with real gold paint. The back of the pendant has a double dorje symbol engraved in it which represents the “thunderbolt of enlightenment”. This Gau pendant has a secret compartment with a removable back. This can be opened and traditionally was used to keep a written prayer. It can now be used to keep anything from kumkum to a loved one’s photo. The chain attached to the pendant has beads made from coral and turquoise dust.

Tibetan jewellery has an emphasis on elaborate and intricate designs. This gorgeous pendant has a dominant Nepalese influence on it: many of the craftsmen living in Nepal where it was made are descendants of refugees who fled from Tibet when the Chinese invaded in the 1950s. The pendant has been handcrafted by these artisans using various gemstones which not only add to its vibrant beauty but also have energetic qualities.

Country of Origin: Nepal

Size: Pendant 5.5cm x 5.0cm; necklace length 60cm

Weight: 67.49g

Material: Silver, Gold-painted with coral and turquoise and beads of coral dust and turquoise

Product Code: A66-024

Price: Rs9,500

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