Tree of Life Crushed Stone

An exquisitely handcrafted ‘tree of life’ mural made from an admixture of powdered marble and natural plant resin. The tree comes alive through intricate carving and layering of bird life. Symbolising regeneration, prosperity, even knowledge, the tree of life has been a leitmotif in Indian sub-continental, and indeed world, art and architecture.

This time-consuming, highly skilled craftsmanship is today practiced by just a handful of generational artisans, primarily in Jaisalmer. Traditionally, stone-ash work, as it is also known, was used to build murals that adorned the walls of Rajasthan’s havelis and royal palaces. Today, the same techniques are employed on wood bases.

Handsomely framed, this mural will beautify any wall it adorns.

Country of Origin: India

Size: Frame: 76cm x 62cm, Crushed Stone: 47cm x 35cm

Weight: 4.532kg

Product Code: A20-035

Price: Rs12,500

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