Tree of Life Reverse Glass Painting

A rare and beautiful reverse-glass painting from Rajasthan depicts the 'tree of life'. The tree comes alive through the detailed painting and layering of colourful birds. Symbolising regeneration, prosperity, even knowledge, the tree of life has been a leitmotif in Indian sub-continental, and indeed world, art and architecture.

The process of painting, on the back of a pane of glass, an image to be viewed from the front, is thought to be European in origin – a cheaper version of stained glass. In the 18th century Europeans introduced this technique of painting to India, where it flourished, especially in Jaisalmer. It is believed to have been encouraged, in part, by the purdah tradition, where glass dividers were painted to separate the women's quarters from the rest of the royal household. Painstakingly hand worked using ancient tools and techniques, today just a few families remain who authentically practice this craft in Rajasthan.

Country of Origin: India

Size: Frame: 56cm x 49 cm; Painting: 36cm x 29cm

Product Code: A20-024

Price: Rs12,000

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