Uch-binchek Triangular Andijan Suzani

This triangular tribal suzani, from Andijan in Uzbekistan, is approximately 80 years old. An abstract floral design, complemented by a paisley border pattern, is embedded in a rich, earthy grey background. Multi-coloured tassels prescribe a vertical orientation for this vintage piece. While suitable as a wall ornament, this suzani is intended especially to underline another décor item, such as a framed mirror; or to accentuate a doorway or window frame; or even to give personality to a functional item such as a television set.

From ancient times embroidered carpets and wall hangings were a part of every single house. They decorated walls, they served as talismans. Suzanis were used to decorate the home, and to cover beds, tables and chests. According to custom, a suzani was started every time a girl was born, in preparation for her wedding. Embroideries, prepared by the future bride, were sparkling with beauty—it was impossible to imagine the dowry without a colourful suzani.

Suzanis (from suzan, the Persian word for “needle”) are embroidered dowry textiles made in Central Asia. Usually embroidered with silk on a cotton base, favourite motifs include the tree of life, the pomegranate (a symbol of abundance and fertility), floral patterns with tulips and carnations, and evil eye amulets.

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Size: 2'6'' x 1'4'' plus 3'' tassles

Age: circa 1930

Product Code: A62-002

Price: Rs5,500

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