Vintage Chinese Yee Batik Cushion

Known as Yee Batik, this piece of Chinese painted batik is over 50 years old and was once a headpiece worn by Chinese women – the original braid is still attached. It provides the perfect background to applique work in fabric and gold foil.

Historically, batik is done by ethnic people in Guizhou Province, in the south-west of China. The Miao, Bouyei and Gejia people use a dye resist method for their traditional costumes. The traditional costumes are made up of decorative fabrics, which they achieve by pattern weaving and wax resist. Almost all the Miao decorate hemp and cotton by applying hot wax then dipping the cloth in an indigo dye. The cloth is then used for skirts, panels on jackets, aprons and baby carriers. Like the Javanese, their traditional patterns also contain symbols, with patterns including the dragon, phoenix, and flowers.

The backing of this cushion is 100% Indian silk in an olive-green colour, and the filler is included.

Country of Origin: India

Size: 13'' x 13''

Age: Mid 20th century

Product Code: A01-045

Price: Rs4,000

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