Vintage Kazakh Suzani

This 60-year-old suzani from Kazakhstan, with silk threads embroidered on velvet, features flowers captive in a labyrinth of curls in the main field, surrounded by a double border in which small crosses are again captured within curling doodles. Composed of two panels stitched together, its most prominent feature is perhaps the very evident mismatch of the two halves, suggesting that it was embroidered by two women working independently. The original tassels on three sides indicate a vertical orientation for this suzani, thus making it ideal as a wall hanging. It may also function as a striking cover for the back of an armchair or sofa.

The format of this piece can be linked to the embroideries of the Lakai and the Kungrat people in Uzbekistan. The stitch used is a ladder stitch, more commonly seen in Turkmen embroideries.

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan

Size: 2'6'' x 2'6'' plus 3'' tassles

Age: circa 1940-1950

Product Code: A59-003

Price: Rs24,000

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